But how am I supposed to hit these protein numbers?!

Often times people come to us struggling to hit their protein numbers. Of course, no one usually struggles with their fat and carbohydrate numbers because those are the delicious macronutrient’s. Believe it or not, hitting protein numbers can easily be done by doing one or some of the following things…

 Increase your protein portions at each meal:

This is usually the first thing we suggest. For reference, one ounce of lean meat equals six grams of protein. If you add an ounce of meat to four meals, you have already added 24 grams of protein for the day! Do you eat eggs for breakfast? Add egg whites into your whole eggs to beef up the protein without overdoing your fat numbers.

 Make your snacks centered around protein:

Often times when people think of a snack, they think fruit, raw veggies, or maybe a handful of nuts. There is no reason we can’t have protein as a snack. Some ideas include lunch meat roll ups, beef jerky, cheese sticks, etc. You can get real fancy and wrap pickle spears in turkey and mustard. YUM!

 Choose fats that have protein in them too:

This includes cheese, nut butters and dairy products. Although these food items are not usually classified as a protein, they do have protein in them and those numbers will add up by the end of the day. So, go get yourself some cheese and add it into some meals. Bonus…it is tasty too!

 Learn to love Greek yogurt:

Greek yogurt is stacked with protein and can be used in so many ways. Make yourself a yogurt bowl with some fruit, coconut, honey and chia seeds. Whip up some overnight oats or use it for dressings/dips!

 Protein Powder:

As mentioned in previous blogs, we do not suggest using protein powders to replace whole foods, but they can be useful around workouts and will most certainly help you hit your protein numbers. If absolutely necessary, you can add some into your Greek yogurt or overnight oats to bump up the protein count.

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