Easy Lifestyle Changes

Oh hello, 2019. 

Yes we know, everyone is signing up for a gym membership, throwing away their holiday sweets and going on a new diet. 

Let's start with changing your nutrition first and getting on track!

Here are a few easy simple lifestyle changes that will make a big difference. 

1. Cut out one bad habit. - drinking soda, extra sugar in your coffee, fast food - pick one bad habit and decrease it a little each week until you no longer do this. (example: if you drink soda every day, try drinking soda 3 days a week)

2. Start drinking more water. Hydration is important, if you don't usually drink enough water then start by drinking 1 cup with every meal, then eventually drink 1 cup every hour. (helpful tip: take your body weight and divide it in half - drink that amount in ounces of water)

3. Meal prep 5 meals for yourself. If you are looking to change your eating habits start by prepping some healthy meals so you have these available throughout the week and don't resort to dining out. Start with some grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans to keep it easy and simple!

Reference our instagram page for more ideas!

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