Meal prepping... HELP!

The thought of meal prepping for an entire week is absolutely overwhelming. We are here to help with some easy tips.

1. Don't get stuck on recipes that contain 10 different items in them.

Always try to simplify when you are cooking more than 10 meals per week. Create a plan for your meals first

(example, pulled chicken with basmati rice and broccoli).

2. Prep in bulk!

If you are making meatballs or creating crockpot style chicken, make a large sheet or large pot of your proteins and sides. 

3. If needed, purchase vegetable and rice microwave bags.

These are found in the frozen food section or the rice aisle. 

4. Make sure to plan out your snacks too, make a list of items for the week.

Fruits and veggies, nuts, protein bars, rice cakes, greek yogurt etc. 

5. Take 2-3 hours on Sunday to prep for the entire week so you feel prepared once your busy schedule begins!

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