Sources of Protein

A very crucial macronutrient - protein - is often easy to implement into our routine and our current diet but sometimes we are looking for other options. Where else can we find protein? What if I want to avoid some meats? How do I make my diet more interesting?

Here are some ideas to implement into your current routine:

1. Greek yogurt: There are numerous types and brands of yogurt in the store today. Look for yogurt with higher sources of protein 12-18grams per cup and lower amounts of added sugars and fats. Add in different berries, oats, honey and cinnamon for a delicious snack! To get higher levels of protein, add in 1 scoop of protein powder, or mix in protein oatmeal packs.

2.Lentil products: Plant based diets are more common and more creative sources of protein are needed. We can find different types of lentil products in the store now to implement into our routine. Lentil beans added to salads, soups, lentil pastas, breads and lentil meats! This is great way to introduce more protein into your current diet.

3.Seafood: Don't shy away from seafood! Is it easy to find affordable fresh and frozen sources of seafood with high sources of protein. Fresh salmon, frozen bags of shrimp and crab meat create delicious recipes throughout the week. Check out the ads for your local grocery store when they have sales and stock up on them! My favorite: homemade shrimp alfredo with whole grain pasta and low-fat alfredo sauce!

4. Dried Jerky: Implement your favorite store brand or local jerky to your routine. These dried meats are great sources of protein and a great snack. You can find numerous types now including: beef, venison, elk, bison, and even salmon. 

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