Stop Complaining About Meal Prep

Yes, we know... meal prepping every week is annoying and can be exhausting! But there are ways to knock out your weekly meal prep within a few hours. 

Meal prepping doesn't have to be difficult and doesn't have to be fancy. Just make a plan and keep it simple. 

Some tips for a faster meal prep:

1. Bake in bulk: pick two proteins, two veggies and a carbohydrate you would like for the week. Arrange them on a large baking sheet and pop everything in the oven! If you have a grill, this is also an option. You can quickly make a few lunch meal preps for the week, or just store them for dinner prep.

2. Invest in an Instapot or Crock Pot: Throw your frozen or fresh meat in a Crock Pot on low, or the meat/stew setting right when you wake up. By the time you get home, it will be ready to serve! Mix with your favorite healthy sauce. 

3. Prepare snacks: Grab berries or almonds (or your favorite healthy snack) and pre-package them for the week. When you are in a rush just grab them and out the door you go!

4. Dinner Prep: Most people find dinner to be a toss up especially if they get home past 8pm. Have your protein and veggies in containers so you can mix and match throughout the week. Have a container of each, example: pulled chicken, meatballs, sweet potatoes, broccoli and green beans. Then make a plate of food and throw it in the microwave. Boom! Dinner in less than 5 minutes.

Want to save even more time? Buy all steamer bag sides at the store and have you meal prep containers ready to fill. 

It really is simple! Pick a day every week and set aside two hours to prep your healthy whole foods.

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