The Importance of Food Timing

We all know food timing can be overwhelming and confusing but it doesn't have to be. 

Food timing is important for feeling your best and fueling your workouts. The timing component comes down to your schedule and preferences when eating. A lot of it based off of how you feel throughout the day and may need to be adjusted over time. 

For us, we like to keep it simple. 

1. We always stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people prefer smaller meals throughout the day, but make sure you at least eat the three main meals. This will help you create a consistent routine. 

2. Carbs around physical activity. Some people like to have a cup of fruit before their workout or even a sweet potato, others like to have a completely empty stomach! It really depends. Try it out, you may feel an extra burst of energy with some carbs before your workout.

3. Fats away from physical activity. Fats are slow digesting foods, so try to keep them away from your workouts. If you workout in the evening, add your fats in to your breakfast and have them after your workout with dinner. Try not to eat a dense fatty food before your workout, you may feel sluggish. 

Food timing is different for everyone. It depends on what your body tolerates, your work schedule and your physical activity during the day. Try adding in some different snacks throughout the day and before your workout to see how your body feels! 

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