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What diet is right for me?

Starting a new diet can be very overwhelming. What portion sizes are right for me? How many fats do I eat? Am I under eating? Are these foods okay?   Determining a new diet plan is different for every individual. Some key components to take into consideration are: 1. Your goals 2. Your activity level 3. Your current weight 4. Your body type   Every single person is different but if you want to start with the basics just start with maintaining a consistent routine eating well-balanced whole foods. Start cutting out bad habits and adding in good habits. Remember,...

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Macronutrients & how they correlate to calories

There are three macronutrients that make up our food sources. They are carbohydrates, protein and fat. These are the same macronutrients that we track when counting macros. Macronutrients are measured and tracked in grams. You will see the three macronutrients circled on the below nutrition label. You will also see the serving size circled. Serving sizes are usually measured using measuring cups/spoons or by weighing the food. You will notice this serving size is 55g. This is not to be confused with the macronutrient measurement. This is completely separate. So where do the calories come in to play? A calorie...

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Chelsea Young

Fats vs. Proteins

Classifying macro nutrients can be tricky! Fats. Carbs. Proteins. What makes a food a source of fat versus a source of a protein? Next time you go to the grocery store start reading the labels. If the fat content is higher than the protein content, it is considered a source of fat. Ideally, the protein content should be significantly higher than the fat to be a good source of protein for your diet.    Let's check out these two labels from chicken sausage: Fat: 3 grams / Protein: 15 grams  The fat to protein ratio is very close on this,...

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