Meet Chelsea

Chelsea Espe - Owner

A few months after joining CrossFit in 2016, I began to be more interested in my future and well-being so I decided to try meal prepping. This healthy hobby eventually grew into a side business. 

From that point others caught wind that I was making single serve to-go meals and more people asked for the service. It spread like wildfire; I went from having 10 meals a week to 100 meals a week within a month. I realized I could offer a great product: home cooked meals, with great macros, a solid portion size and an affordable price point. MOD (Meal-of the-Day) Nutrition was born.

Since then, I have been interested in overall wellness and sustainable health through eating correctly. I finished my Precision Nutrition coaching certificate in 2017 which allows me to coach clients one-on-one to reach their goals and inform them on how to create a healthy routine for their future. I have also recently finished my Plant-Based Nutrition certificate, more interested in understanding and learning what is sustainable for the future.

I am able to determine personalized macros, assist clients with food tracking, teach clients how to classify foods, the basic fundamentals of nutrition and provide tips on meal prepping. 

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